fragile histories

by ovis rot gut

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thanks fer visitin!

the recordins are pay what you want or free download, an theres a bonus live version of memorlude included with the whole album.
i recommend headphones, but speakers are cool to.

started this album in december of 2012.


released November 30, 2013

special thanks and love to
(in no particular order)

sandra/christian/dennis sr./katie t./clementine/shy/sherlok/sweet sadie/chelsea/noel'le/raevin/ronald/erin w./lauren m./caroline m./david g./jess x./sianna/cud/beyon/devon/rodeo/julie/pony boy/gabby/alex k./watermyn co-op/carol p./lily j./anders/daniel/loreli/earth/providence/you




ovis rot gut San Antonio, Texas

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Track Name: building a nest
homes not where i hang my hat
but its where i find it easiest to breath
the open air

so write the stories from your life
and tell your friends how they've changed yours
changed your life for better or worse
then let them all go
let the birds free
set your birds free.
Track Name: grandad's ode
grandad stayed in bed to wilt away
mother kept the pieces of him she could save
from the rising grass
curling round his cheeks
Track Name: in december
well they told me the world would end in december
thats a load of shit i said, how can anyone believe that mess
then i rode my bike home to my love, as fast as i could
just in case the news was true
mother has had enough of our abuse

in fear of falling skies
we became searchlights
guiding lost truths to our shores

we built symphonies of glass words
and trusted them in each others shaking hands

when her body gave up, we put my first friend down
burned the fur and flesh away
grow young with the country old friend
i kept her print in plaster like a headstone
where we died every night.

but i was west when she bathed in flame
the seeds we never tucked
now sleep in my thoat
sprouting trees, choking me when she howls through my bones

we'll be dying for the rest of our lives
and well sift the ashes, to recover what survives
we'll be dying for the rest of our lives
and we'll sift the ashes, something always survives
Track Name: many miles
at times my chest feels like an eggshell
my heart a fragile yoke inside
but you can hold me close
in your clumsy grasp

so please travel lightly
we've still got many miles
please travel lightly dear
we've still got many miles to go
Track Name: memorlude
please take the load off your spine
go back
your roots will show you where
you've never known
that memory came to soon
memories come to soon
Track Name: lullaby for anxious animals
please don't fear
i'll be home soon
i know you hate bein alone
i hate it to

let them fall little darlins
your beautiful when you sleep
i left a light and the tape running for you
an i'll be there when you wake

i'll be there when you wake
Track Name: the waters indoors
this old house
i swallowed it whole

once we pulled the teeth from the attic
unsettled the dust and bodies in the walls

we unearthed a record from within a door
we killed the dust and played it loud

played a song that walls can tell
or floorboards
ceilings or hallways

played the sounds
of home